Proposta di traduzione e analisi di parti del libro “La Collina” di Andrea Delogu e Andrea Cedrola

Vignoli, Marta (2014) Proposta di traduzione e analisi di parti del libro “La Collina” di Andrea Delogu e Andrea Cedrola. [Laurea], Università di Bologna, Corso di Studio in Mediazione linguistica interculturale [L-DM270] - Forli', Documento ad accesso riservato.
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At first, the main author of the book was presented together with the Italian source text: it was pointed out her double role of author and protagonist of the very events narrated in the book, inspired from facts which truly happened and which have to do with the story of her family. Afterwards, the translation part itself follows. Some pages taken from the original Italian book were translated into English; the parts which have been chosen are various extracts which were thought as a leading thread to understand the meaning and the intention of the entire book. After the translation, the analysis part was presented, where idiomatic expressions which can be found in great quantity throughout the book, are explained and commented. Here, clarifications can also be found concerning geographical and historical references, and something about the main characters who stand for people that truly existed. Finally some other little extracts from the book were included: they were translated and some translating choices were explained. These extra parts were integrated in the thesis in order to point out the main difficulty of translating the book La Collina, that is, the presence of a great deal of idiomatic and slang expressions both of everyday colloquial use and concerning the field of drugs. The English translation of these parts had to sound natural and spontaneous to an English-speaking readership, which should not notice they were translated from Italian. A great deal of research on the Internet was carried out in order to make sure those expressions didn’t seem contrived and unnatural in English: this was one of the main concerns of the translation.

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Tesi di laurea (Laurea)
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Vignoli, Marta
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Translation Analysis Research
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11 Luglio 2014

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