Homeomorphic extension of Quasi-Isometries and Iteration Theory

Bubani, Elia (2021) Homeomorphic extension of Quasi-Isometries and Iteration Theory. [Laurea magistrale], Università di Bologna, Corso di Studio in Matematica [LM-DM270]
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Starting from the Riemann Mapping Theorem it arises the interest for biholomorphisms over domains in one or several complex variables. Poincar´e showed that there is no analytic isomorphism between the Polydisc and the unit ball already in C^2. The previous fact may suggest that biholomorphic domains are a class of such well-behaved sets that could extend some regularity of the biholomorpshism until their respective boundaries. A very influent approach was faced by Fefferman (published in the year 1974), by proving that every biholomorphism between bounded strongly pseudoconvex domains with smooth boundaries extends as a diffeomorphism to the closures of the domains. In this work is quoted a classical result that presents an isometry respect to the Bergman metric between biholomorphic domains and he noticed an interesting behaviour of geodesics when they are going to the boundary of a considered domain. The first part of this thesis mainly follows Abate’s work aiming to show the homeomorphic extension of a biholomorphism between C^2-smooth strongly pseudoconvex domains. The second part of this thesis mainly follows the work of Bracci, Gaussier and Zimmer aiming to show the homeomorphic extension of a Quasi-Isometric homeomorphisms to the End compactifications of the respective domains. Other consequences are related to extend the Denjoy-Wolff Theorem for domains in several complex variables and present the Denjoy-Wolff behaviour for commuting holomorphic selfmaps with no fixed point in the domain itself.

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Tesi di laurea (Laurea magistrale)
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Bubani, Elia
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Curriculum A: Generale e applicativo
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homeomorphic extension Gromov Compactification Hyperbolicity Strongly Pseudoconvex domains Carathéodory distance Kobayashi distance Quasi-Isometry Shadowing Lemma Commuting 1-Lipschitz self-maps Denjoy-Wolff Theorem
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26 Marzo 2021

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