A Gender Journal in the USA - A Case Study

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This thesis analyzes the peculiar behaviors and differences related to gender in the American society, whose citizens were met and spoken to first hand during an Exchange Period in the United States, as opposed to how gender is perceived in Italy; with the last chapter analyzing the situation in other countries of the world as well. This thesis is a Case Study, since it examines particular cases seen both at Dickinson College and at the University of Bologna in order to generalize and to refer to the United States and Italy. In order to make this parallel and comparison, the two categories of female and male were divided and considered separately. A chapter was consacrated to transgender people and the meaning of the terms "transgender" and "gender identity" as well. Some space was also given to gender and language. A chapter, in fact, covers how and to what extent language structures, determines and reflects social expectations of gender and explains the main gender-related issues with which a translator or interpreter is faced when translating from a source to a target language.

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Tesi di laurea (Laurea)
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Zoli, Gioia
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Corso di studio
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gender,language,culture,differences,transgender,united states,gender studies
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3 Ottobre 2017

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