Analisi di pushover 3D per strutture in c.a.

Serpieri, Maurizio (2008) Analisi di pushover 3D per strutture in c.a. [Laurea specialistica], Università di Bologna, Corso di Studio in Ingegneria civile [LS-DM509]
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In the present study, a new pushover procedure for 3D frame structures is proposed, based on the application of a set of horizontal force and torque distributions at each floor level; in order to predict the most severe configurations of an irregular structure subjected to an earthquake, more than one pushover analysis has to be performed. The proposed method is validated by a consistent comparison of results from static pushover and dynamic simulations in terms of different response parameters, such as displacements, rotations, floor shears and floor torques. Starting from the linear analysis, the procedure is subsequently extended to the nonlinear case. The results confirm the effectiveness of the proposed procedure to predict the structural behaviour in the most severe configurations.

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Tesi di laurea (Laurea specialistica)
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Serpieri, Maurizio
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Progettazione antisismica, metodi di analisi per strutture piane spaziali, analisi di Pushover, Analisi Dinamica Incrementale (ADI), modellazione numerica delle strutture, software Seismostruct, progettazione strutture in cemento armato
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20 Marzo 2008

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