Sistemi per la climatizzazione mediante pompe di calore geotermiche e pali energetici

Verrone, Alessio (2010) Sistemi per la climatizzazione mediante pompe di calore geotermiche e pali energetici. [Laurea specialistica], Università di Bologna, Corso di Studio in Ingegneria per l'ambiente e il territorio [LS-DM509]
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We need a large amount of energy to make our homes pleasantly warm in winter and cool in summer. If we also consider the energy losses that occur through roofs, perimeter walls and windows, it would be more appropriate to speak of waste than consumption. The solution would be to build passive houses, i.e. buildings more efficient and environmentally friendly, able to ensure a drastic reduction of electricity and heating bills. Recently, the increase of public awareness about global warming and environmental pollution problems have “finally” opened wide possibility in the field of sustainable construction by encouraging new renewable methods for heating and cooling space. Shallow geothermal allows to exploit the renewable heat reservoir, present in the soil at depths between 15 and 20 m, for air-conditioning of buildings, using a ground source heat pump. This thesis focuses on the design of an air-conditioning system with geothermal heat pump coupled to energy piles, i.e. piles with internal heat exchangers, for a typical Italian-family building, on the basis of a geological-technical report about a plot of Bologna’s plain provided by Geo-Net s.r.l. The study has involved a preliminary static sizing of the piles in order to calculate their length and number, then the project was completed making the energy sizing, where it has been verified if the building energy needs were met with the static solution obtained. Finally the attention was focused on the technical and economical validity compared to a traditional system (cost-benefit analysis) and on the problem of the uncertainty data design and their effects on the operating and initial costs of the system (sensitivity analysis). To evaluate the performance of the thermal system and the potential use of the piles was also used the PILESIM2 software, designed by Dr. Pahud of the SUPSI’s school.

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Tesi di laurea (Laurea specialistica)
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Verrone, Alessio
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geotermia bassa entalpia pali energetici energie rinnovabili climatizzazione
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16 Marzo 2010

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