Sibani, Riccardo (2016) REST SERVER IN JOLIE - Practical Case. [Laurea], Università di Bologna, Corso di Studio in Informatica per il management [L-DM270]
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The aim of this thesis is to merge two of the emerging paradigms about web programming: RESTful Web Development and Service-Oriented Programming. REST is the main architectural paradigm about web applications, they are characterised by procedural structure which avoid the use of handshaking mechanisms. Even though REST has a standard structure to access the resources of the web applications, the backend side is usually not very modular if not complicated. Service-Oriented Programming, instead, has as one of the fundamental principles, the modularisation of the components. Service-Oriented Applications are characterised by separate modules that allow to simplify the devel- opment of the web applications. There are very few example of integration between these two technologies: it seems therefore reasonable to merge them. In this thesis the methodologies studied to reach this results are explored through an application that helps to handle documents and notes among several users, called MergeFly. The MergeFly practical case, once that all the specifics had been set, will be utilised in order to develop and handle HTTP requests through SOAP. In this document will be first defined the 1) characteristics of the application, 2) SOAP technology, partially introduced the 3) Jolie Language, 4) REST and finally a 5) Jolie-REST implementation will be offered through the MergeFly case. It is indeed implemented a token mechanism for authentication: it has been first discarded sessions and cookies algorithm of authentication in so far not into the pure RESTness theory, even if often used). In the final part the functionality and effectiveness of the results will be evaluated, judging the Jolie-REST duo.

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Tesi di laurea (Laurea)
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Sibani, Riccardo
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Jolie,Service Oriented,SOA,REST,RESTful,MergeFly
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12 Luglio 2016

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