Dynamical Casimir effect and the structure of vacuum in quantum field theory

Colombaro, Ivano (2016) Dynamical Casimir effect and the structure of vacuum in quantum field theory. [Laurea magistrale], Università di Bologna, Corso di Studio in Fisica [LM-DM270]
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Some of the most interesting phenomena that arise from the developments of the modern physics are surely vacuum fluctuations. They appear in different branches of physics, such as Quantum Field Theory, Cosmology, Condensed Matter Physics, Atomic and Molecular Physics, and also in Mathematical Physics. One of the most important of these vacuum fluctuations, sometimes called "zero-point energy", as well as one of the easiest quantum effect to detect, is the so-called Casimir effect. The purposes of this thesis are: - To propose a simple retarded approach for dynamical Casimir effect, thus a description of this vacuum effect when we have moving boundaries. - To describe the behaviour of the force acting on a boundary, due to its self-interaction with the vacuum.

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Tesi di laurea (Laurea magistrale)
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Colombaro, Ivano
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Corso di studio
Curriculum A: Teorico generale
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Vacuum Casimir Effect Delay Self-Interaction
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1 Aprile 2016

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