Multitemporal analysis of satellite imagery: implementation of a land evolution model in ALCS (ATSR LAND CLASSIFICATION SYSTEM)

Lolli, Alessandro (2010) Multitemporal analysis of satellite imagery: implementation of a land evolution model in ALCS (ATSR LAND CLASSIFICATION SYSTEM). [Laurea specialistica], Università di Bologna, Corso di Studio in Ingegneria per l'ambiente e il territorio [LS-DM509]
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In this report it was designed an innovative satellite-based monitoring approach applied on the Iraqi Marshlands to survey the extent and distribution of marshland re-flooding and assess the development of wetland vegetation cover. The study, conducted in collaboration with MEEO Srl , makes use of images collected from the sensor (A)ATSR onboard ESA ENVISAT Satellite to collect data at multi-temporal scales and an analysis was adopted to observe the evolution of marshland re-flooding. The methodology uses a multi-temporal pixel-based approach based on classification maps produced by the classification tool SOIL MAPPER ®. The catalogue of the classification maps is available as web service through the Service Support Environment Portal (SSE, supported by ESA). The inundation of the Iraqi marshlands, which has been continuous since April 2003, is characterized by a high degree of variability, ad-hoc interventions and uncertainty. Given the security constraints and vastness of the Iraqi marshlands, as well as cost-effectiveness considerations, satellite remote sensing was the only viable tool to observe the changes taking place on a continuous basis. The proposed system (ALCS – AATSR LAND CLASSIFICATION SYSTEM) avoids the direct use of the (A)ATSR images and foresees the application of LULCC evolution models directly to „stock‟ of classified maps. This approach is made possible by the availability of a 13 year classified image database, conceived and implemented in the CARD project ( approach here presented evolves toward an innovative, efficient and fast method to exploit the potentiality of multi-temporal LULCC analysis of (A)ATSR images. The two main objectives of this work are both linked to a sort of assessment: the first is to assessing the ability of modeling with the web-application ALCS using image-based AATSR classified with SOIL MAPPER ® and the second is to evaluate the magnitude, the character and the extension of wetland rehabilitation.

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Lolli, Alessandro
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16 Marzo 2010

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