Traduzione per il web nelle istituzioni europee. Proposta di localizzazione di una sezione di sito della dg azione per il clima

Monticelli, Laura (2016) Traduzione per il web nelle istituzioni europee. Proposta di localizzazione di una sezione di sito della dg azione per il clima. [Laurea magistrale], Università di Bologna, Corso di Studio in Traduzione specializzata [LM-DM270] - Forli', Documento ad accesso riservato.
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The aim of this dissertation is to provide an adequate translation from English into Italian of a section of the European Commission's site, concerning an environmental policy tool whose aim is to reduce the EU greenhouse gas emissions, the Emissions Trading System. The main reason behind this choice was the intention to combine a personal interest in the domain of sustainability development with the desire to delve deeper into the knowledge of the different aspects involved in the localisation process. I also had the possibility to combine these two with my interest in the universe of the European Union. I therefore worked on the particular language of this supranational organisation and for this reason I had the opportunity to experience a very stimulating work placement at the Directorate-General for Translation in Brussels. However, the choice of the text was personal and the translation is not intended for publication. The work is divided into six chapters. In the first chapter the text is contextualised within the framework of the EU, and its legislation on multilingualism. This has consequences on the languages that are used by the drafters of the official documents and on the languages used by translators. The text originates from those documents, but it needs to be adapted to different receivers. The second chapter investigates the process of website localisation. The third chapter offers an analysis of the source text and of the prospective target text. In the fourth chapter the resources created and used for the translation of the text are described. A comparison is made between the resources of the translation service of the European Commission and the ones created specifically for this project: a translation memory, exploited through the use of a CAT tool, and two corpora. The fifth chapter contains the actual translation, side-by-side with the source text, while the sixth one provides a comment on the translation strategies.

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Monticelli, Laura
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UE localizzazione ETS traduzione web
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17 Marzo 2016

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