Rap et homosexualite: retranchement homophobe ou changement de cap?

Menchini, Ilaria (2014) Rap et homosexualite: retranchement homophobe ou changement de cap? [Laurea], Università di Bologna, Corso di Studio in Mediazione linguistica interculturale [L-DM270] - Forli', Documento ad accesso riservato.
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With the advent of the law about same-sex marriage in France, the aim of this dissertation is to analyse the relationship between homosexuality and rap music in the country and to determine to which degree this musical genre can influence people on this matter. Islam has flavoured rap from its beginnings because the vast majority of rappers has a Muslim culture. It is true that, Islam goes beyond the mere disapproval of homosexuality affirming that it is a vile fornication punishable by death. This leads rappers to a rejection of homosexuality in their songs. And, thanks to mass media, these songs contributed to the spreading of the stigma of homophobia upon the “mainstream”. Nevertheless, since 2009, a growing crop of rappers began to support the LGBT community with their work. Rap songs became in this way the anthem of the LGBT campaigns, out from the classic mass media. The result of this dissertation is that rap can have a strong influence upon population and can help them change their mind upon certain subjects, as it was the case for the homosexual cause.

Tipologia del documento
Tesi di laurea (Laurea)
Autore della tesi
Menchini, Ilaria
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Corso di studio
Ordinamento Cds
Parole chiave
Cultural Studies, Rap Français, Homophobie, Homo-Hop.
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11 Luglio 2014

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