Electrical spectroscopy of rubrene bulk and thin film crystals

Grande, Silvia (2014) Electrical spectroscopy of rubrene bulk and thin film crystals. [Laurea magistrale], Università di Bologna, Corso di Studio in Fisica [LM-DM270]
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One of the most diffused electronic device is the field effect transistor (FET), contained in number of billions in each electronic device. Organic optoelectronics is an emerging field that exploits the unique properties of conjugated organic materials to develop new applications that require a combination of performance, low cost and processability. Organic single crystals are the material with best performances and purity among the variety of different form of organic semiconductors. This thesis is focused on electrical and optical characterization of Rubrene single crystal bulk and thin films. Rubrene bulk is well known but for the first time we studied thin films. The first Current-voltage characterization has been performed for the first time on three Rubrene thin films with three different thickness to extract the charge carriers mobility and to assess its crystalline structure. As results we see that mobility increase with thickness. Field effect transistor based on Rubrene thin films on $SiO_2$ have been characterize by current-voltage (I-V) analyses (at several temperatures) and reveals a hopping conduction. Hopping behavior probably is due to the lattice mismatch with the substrate or intrinsic defectivity of the thin films. To understand effects of contact resistance we tested thin films with the Transmission Line Method (TLM) method. The TLM method revealeds that contact resistance is negligible but evidenced a Schottky behavior in a limited but well determined range of T. To avoid this effect we carried out annealing treatment after the electrode evaporation iswe performed a compete I-V characterization as a function of in temperature to extract the electronic density of states (DOS) distribution through the Space Charge Limited Current (SCLC) method. The results show a DOS with an exponential trenddistribution, as expected. The measured mobility of thin films is about 0.1cm^2/Vs and it increases with the film thickness. Further studies are necessary to investigate the reason and improve performances. From photocurrent spectrum we calculated an Eg of about 2.2eV and both thin films and bulk have a good crystal order. Further measurement are necessary to solve some open problems

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Tesi di laurea (Laurea magistrale)
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Grande, Silvia
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Curriculum C: Fisica della materia
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organic semiconductor rubrene cryatal thin films
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28 Marzo 2014

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