Accudire l’umanità. Proposta di traduzione, analisi e commento del racconto breve di fantascienza cinese Shanyang Renlei di Liu Cixin.

Alati, Lorenzo (2022) Accudire l’umanità. Proposta di traduzione, analisi e commento del racconto breve di fantascienza cinese Shanyang Renlei di Liu Cixin. [Laurea magistrale], Università di Bologna, Corso di Studio in Specialized translation [LM-DM270] - Forli', Documento full-text non disponibile
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The main topic of this thesis is the italian translation from Chinese of the 2005 short science fiction story, Shanyang Renlei 赡养人类 (known as For the Benefit of Mankind/The Wages of Humanity in English), by Liu Cixin 刘慈欣, the leading figure in contemporary Chinese science fiction, and the analysis of the major problems and challenges encountered during the translation. In terms of its internal structure, the thesis is divided into four chapters. The first chapter is an introduction both for science fiction enthusiasts and laypersons. Thus, it starts with the very concept of “science fiction”; then it analyzes some of the most relevant definitions of the genre throughout the years, with particular attention to the one proposed by Darko Suvin; lastly, it presents a brief but thorough excursus that goes all the way through the origins and development of science fiction in the West and of kehuan xiaoshuo in China, so that the readers can have a glimpse into their similarities and differ-ences as they evolved. The second chapter focuses on Liu Cixin himself and his works. After a short account of the novels and short stories that are considered the most representative of the three creative phases of his career as a science fiction author, with a section dedicated to his opus magnum, the trilogy Diqiu Wangshi 地球往事 (Remembrance of Earth’s Past), the chapter then goes on to analyze the most characteristic features and themes of his narrative style. The chapter ends with a detailed description of the plot of Shanyang Renlei and an in-depth look at the thematic content of the story. Chapters Three and Four presents, respectively, the Italian translation of the short story, and the thorough analysis of some of the most interesting and challenging issues that have arisen during the translation, along with an illustration of the corresponding strategies and solutions.

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fantascienza,science fiction,kehuan xiaoshuo,liu cixin,shanyang renlei,fantascienza cinese,Chinese science fiction
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14 Dicembre 2022

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