Design and implementation of a synchronous interleaved boost converter for fuel cell-powered catamaran

Rimondi, Michael (2022) Design and implementation of a synchronous interleaved boost converter for fuel cell-powered catamaran. [Laurea magistrale], Università di Bologna, Corso di Studio in Automation engineering / ingegneria dell’automazione [LM-DM270], Documento full-text non disponibile
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The present work describes the different stages of design, implementation, and validation procedures for an interleaved DC-DC boost converter intended for the 2022 Futura, a fuel cell-powered racing catamaran developed by the UniBoAT team. The main goal of the entire design has been the significant reduction of the weight of the converter by removing heat sinks and reducing component size while increasing its efficiency by adopting high-end power switches and the interleaved architecture operated with a synchronous control strategy. The obtained converter has been integrated into the structure containing the fuel cell stack obtaining a fully integrated system. The realized device has been based on an interleaved architecture with six phases controlled digitally through the average current mode control. The design has been validated through simulations carried out using the software LT-Spice, whereas experimental validations have been performed by means of laboratory bench tests and on-field tests. Detailed thermal and efficiency analyses are provided with the bench tests under the two synchronous and non-synchronous operating modes and with the adoption of the phase shedding technique. The prototype implementation and its performance in real operating conditions are also discussed. Eventually, it is underlined as the designed converter can be used in other applications requiring a voltage-controlled boost converter.

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Tesi di laurea (Laurea magistrale)
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Rimondi, Michael
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fuel cell,DC-DC converter,digital SMPS,interleaved converter,maritime propulsion,electrification.
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5 Dicembre 2022

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