Comparison between 5G private network and Wifi6 in industrial environment

Nitcheu, Lalouoti Emile Franklin (2022) Comparison between 5G private network and Wifi6 in industrial environment. [Laurea magistrale], Università di Bologna, Corso di Studio in Telecommunications engineering [LM-DM270], Documento full-text non disponibile
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Industry 4.0 refers to the 4th industrial revolution and at its bases, we can see the digitalization and the automation of the assembly line. The whole production process has improved and evolved thanks to the advances made in networking, and AI studies, which include of course machine learning, cloud computing, IoT, and other technologies that are finally being implemented into the industrial scenario. All these technologies have in common a need for faster, more secure, robust, and reliable communication. One of the many solutions for these demands is the use of mobile communication technologies in the industrial environment, but which technology is better suited for these demands? Of course, the answer isn’t as simple as it seems. The 4th industrial revolution has a never seen incomparable potential with respect to the previous ones, every factory, enterprise, or company have different network demands, and even in each of these infrastructures, the demands may diversify by sector, or by application. For example, in the health care industry, there may be e a need for increased bandwidth for the analysis of high-definition videos or, faster speeds in order to have analytics occur in real-time, and again another application might be higher security and reliability to protect patients’ data. As seen above, choosing the right technology for the right environment and application, considers many things, and the ones just stated are but a speck of dust with respect to the overall picture. In this thesis, we will investigate a comparison between the use of two of the available technologies in use for the industrial environment: Wi-Fi 6 and 5G Private Networks in the specific case of a steel factory.

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Nitcheu, Lalouoti Emile Franklin
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industry 4.0,5G NR,5G Private Network,Wi-Fi 6,iBwave Design,Network Design
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5 Dicembre 2022

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