The future of dubbing: an overview of the new technologies

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Throughout the years, technology has had an undeniable impact on the AVT field. It has revolutionized the way audiovisual content is consumed by allowing audiences to easily access it at any time and on any device. Especially after the introduction of OTT streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV+, and HBO Max, which offer a vast catalog of national and international products, the consumption of audiovisual products has been on a constant rise and, consequently, the demand for localized content too. In turn, the AVT industry resorts to new technologies and practices to handle the ever-growing workload and the faster turnaround times. Due to the numerous implications that it has on the industry, technological advancement can be considered an area of research of particular interest for the AVT studies. However, in the case of dubbing, research and discussion regarding the topic is lagging behind because of the more limited impact that technology has had on the very conservative dubbing industry. Therefore, the aim of the dissertation is to offer an overview of some of the latest technological innovations and practices that have already been implemented (i.e. cloud dubbing and DeepDub technology) or that are still under development and research (i.e. automatic speech recognition and respeaking, machine translation and post-editing, audio-based and visual-based dubbing techniques, text-based editing of talking-head videos, and automatic dubbing), and respectively discuss their reception by the industry professionals, and make assumptions about their future implementation in the dubbing field.

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Lotti, Claudia
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14 Luglio 2022

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