Precise Near-Field Focusing exploiting Bessel Beam Launchers for Wireless Power Transfer at millimeter waves

Augello, Elisa (2022) Precise Near-Field Focusing exploiting Bessel Beam Launchers for Wireless Power Transfer at millimeter waves. [Laurea magistrale], Università di Bologna, Corso di Studio in Telecommunications engineering [LM-DM270]
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Wireless Power Transfer has become a promising technology to overcome the limits of wired solutions. Within this framework, the objective of this thesis is to study a WPT link at millimeter waves involving a particular type of antenna working in the radiative near-field, known as Bessel Beam (BB) Launcher. This antenna has been chosen for its peculiarity of generating a Bessel Beam which is by nature non-diffractive, showing good focusing and self-healing capabilities. In particular, a Bull-Eye Leaky Wave Antenna is designed and analysed, fed by a loop antenna and resonating at approximately 30 GHz. The structure excites a Hybrid-TE mode showing zeroth-order Bessel function over the z-component of the magnetic field. The same antenna is designed with two different dimensions, showing good wireless power transport properties. The link budgets obtained for different configurations are reported. With the aim of exploiting BB Launchers in wearable applications, a further analysis on the receiving part is conducted. For WPT wearable or implantable devices a reduced dimension of the receiver system must be considered. Therefore, an electrically large loop antenna in planar technology is modified, inserting phase shifters in order to increase the intensity of the magnetic field in its interrogation zone. This is fundamental when a BB Launcher is involved as transmitter. The loop antenna, in reception, shows a further miniaturization level since it is built such that its interrogation zone corresponds to the main beam dimension of transmitting BB Launcher. The link budget is evaluated with the new receiver showing comparable results with respect to previous configurations, showing an efficient WPT link for near-field focusing. Finally, a matching network and a full-wave rectifying circuit are attached to two of the different receiving systems considered. Further analysis will be carried out about the robustness of the square loop over biological tissues.

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Tesi di laurea (Laurea magistrale)
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Augello, Elisa
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Near-field focusing,millimeter waves,Wireless Power Transfer,Radiative Near-Field,Leaky Wave Antennas,Bessel Beam Launchers
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21 Marzo 2022

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