La narrativa coming of age femminile nel panorama letterario irlandese, Snowflake di Louise Nealon: analisi editoriale e proposta di traduzione

Buonagiunto, Veronica (2021) La narrativa coming of age femminile nel panorama letterario irlandese, Snowflake di Louise Nealon: analisi editoriale e proposta di traduzione. [Laurea magistrale], Università di Bologna, Corso di Studio in Specialized translation [LM-DM270] - Forli', Documento full-text non disponibile
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This final dissertations aims at analyzing the evolution process that has led from the first examples of the genre known as Bildungsroman to the most recent examples of coming of age novels. Moreover, this work pays particular attention to Irish literature and, more specifically, to Irish female literature. For this purpose, a brief excursus of the genre of the “novel of formation” is offered in the first chapter together with an analysis of its main characteristics. The focus is then moved on the female bildungsroman. In the first chapter an overview of the role of the Bildungsroman in contemporary Irish literature is also offered with particular attention to coming of age novels produced by women and about women. In the final part of the first chapter, the focus shifts on female Irish coming-of-age literature produced in the twenty-first century and an analysis of a few examples of recently published coming of age novels is offered. The second part of the dissertation is focused on the analysis and contextualization of the novel Snowflake by Louise Nealon, of which is then proposed a translation of a selection of chapters. The translation is followed by a comment in which are presented problems encountered during the translation and the subsequent choices made by the translator. The fifth chapter of the dissertation is dedicated to an analysis of the state of Young Adult literature in the Italian publishing context with a particular focus on the reception of Irish coming of age novels from the Italian public and publishers. In the very final part of this work a specific translation proposal for the publication of Snowflake is made. The final chapter also includes the “scheda di lettura” for Snowflake which will be sent to the publisher and which contains all the information the publisher will need to evaluate the novel and to decide if it is suitable for their catalogue.

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Buonagiunto, Veronica
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romanzo di formazione,letteratura YA,romanzo coming of age,Snowflake,Louise Nealon,proposta di traduzione,analisi editoriale,letteratura irlandese,narrativa di formazione femminile,narrativa coming of age femminile
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15 Dicembre 2021

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