“È per un bambino o una bambina?” Stereotipi di genere nella letteratura per l'infanzia: proposta di traduzione di due albi illustrati

Fabbri, Eleonora (2021) “È per un bambino o una bambina?” Stereotipi di genere nella letteratura per l'infanzia: proposta di traduzione di due albi illustrati. [Laurea magistrale], Università di Bologna, Corso di Studio in Specialized translation [LM-DM270] - Forli', Documento full-text non disponibile
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The aim of this dissertation is to propose a translation into Italian of two American picturebooks: Is That For a Boy or a Girl? written by S. Bear Bergman and illustrated by Rachel Dougherty, and Jacob's New Dress written by Sarah and Ian Hoffman and illustrated by Chris Case. The common thread of the two books is the critique of gender stereotypes in children’s literature and in other aspects of childhood at large, such as gender expression. The two titles were in fact selected from the bibliography created by the European project G-BOOK (Gender Identity: Child Readers and Library Collections), which was spearheaded by Centro MeTRa, an Italian research centre affiliated with the University of Bologna which aims to promote gender-positive and inclusive literature. The thesis is divided into four chapters, the first of which is devoted to a discussion of children's literature as a whole and to the analysis of the illustrated fiction subgenre, the category to which the above-mentioned volumes belong. The second chapter focuses on diversity, highlighting its key role in education and the relevant trends in publishing and translation studies. The third chapter consists of a brief presentation of the works I have chosen. Following the introduction of the plot and the biography of the authors, the chapter focuses on the analysis of the two illustrated books from a linguistic, stylistic, iconographic and commercial point of view, in preparation for translation. Finally, in the fourth chapter I present my translation proposal, complete with a commentary on the problems I encountered and the translation techniques that allowed me to overcome them.

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Fabbri, Eleonora
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letteratura,infanzia,bambini,traduzione,picturebook,bergman,hoffman,is that for a boy or a girl,jacob's new dress,genere,gender,translation studies
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26 Maggio 2021

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