Wireless Sensor Networks: An Industrial Approach

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The goal of this project is to create a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) within a company.We will then talk about WSN within Industry 4.0. The company has a large productionwarehouse, where numerous machines form their production process. Currently, theproduction machines are disconnected from the data network, so everything that happensmust be manually verified by the operators.It will need to connect the machines to the network to make the production processinnovative. The choice of technologies to be used will fall on wireless technologies, whichhave numerous advantages: not laying cables, being able to create various types ofnetworks and quickly connecting many machines. During the project, it will look for thebest solutions to interconnect the machines, selecting specific devices able to satisfy allrequests.The reference scenario is a production warehouse of a company operating in themetalworking sector. Inside the warehouse, there are numerous production machines,which form a heterogeneous machine park. All these machines, which have no possibilityof data exchange, must be equipped with devices capable of communicating the extracteddata.As the reference scenario is an industrial production warehouse, it can speak of In-dustry 4.0.Various communication technologies will be studied, to update the machines to havea digital representation of the production process. These communication technologieswill be partially wireless, in particular for devices to be attached to the machines, andpartly wired, to interface with the external network.It will see how it is possible to extract data from the machines, send them via devicesto a central node, which will process them to give a digital vision of the production.

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Calabrese, Giovanni
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Wireless Sensor Network,Industry 4.0,Wireless Technology,Industrial Innovation
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3 Dicembre 2020

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