The Emilia-Romagna region program in Silicon Valley program to support entrepreneurship: goals, experiences and outcomes

D'Amario, Luca (2020) The Emilia-Romagna region program in Silicon Valley program to support entrepreneurship: goals, experiences and outcomes. [Laurea magistrale], Università di Bologna, Corso di Studio in Ingegneria gestionale [LM-DM270], Documento full-text non disponibile
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The purpose of this research project is to evaluate the impacts of the policies of the Emilia-Romagna region to encourage the development and internationalization of entrepreneurship. The study beyond this paper, aims to understand and identify the benefits of these programs for the regional ecosystem. and how the transversal competences affects entrepreneurship behaviour. This explorative research was conducted through the combination of three different approaches: 1. Data, theories and solutions collected on the field through the direct experience in Silicon Valley; 2. Qualitative and quantitative analysis using interview protocols and survey addressed to different actors involved in the ecosystem studied; 3. Support from literature. Time spent in San Francisco gave me the possibility to better understand the dynamics behind the Silicon Valley work environment and to go into the flow of this unique and inimitable reality. All this was possible thanks to the university of Bologna and in particular the professor and relator Sobrero Maurizio for the opportunity, support and collaboration during the whole project; the help of Dr. Luppi Elena in the survey construction; Dr. Mattarelli Elisa for the analysis of literature and the precious tips during the study of interview protocols; the collaboration of the regional consortium Art-ER, with the key figures of Mingozzi Irene (Silicon Valley hub manager) and D’Attorre Sara (Europe and international Dept); the availability of USmac and the two co-CEO Alfredo Coppola and Chris Burry for giving me the opportunity to attend the activities during the program in Silicon Valley; least but not last EIT Digital and in particular the CEO Eric Thelen, for the concession of a desk in San Francisco’s offices.

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D'Amario, Luca
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entrepreneurship,silicon valley,emilia-romagna,internationalization,development,innovation,policy,evaluation,quantitative analysis,qualitative analysis,direct experience,arter,mindset
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11 Marzo 2020

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