The impact of fourth wave feminism: Using social media as a feminist resource

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There is little doubt that the Internet, and especially social media, has revolutionised our lives, transforming the way in which we communicate (Liveperson 2017), read the news (Pew Research Center 2016), shop and conduct business (Deloitte 2015), work (Zetterstrom 2012) and even find love (Pew Research Center 2015). The Internet has had an impact on feminism as well, revolutionising the way feminists participate in political and cultural activism and contributing to the creation of a fourth feminist wave. Thanks to the Internet, virtually anybody who has access to it can become an activist and fight for the movement from the comfort of their home, whether by contributing to the creation of an online archive, signing petitions, supporting boycott movements or sharing their experiences on a blog (Cochrane 2013). But what is the real impact of the Internet on the way activists operate? Will it replace grassroots activism with time, or is it contributing to the development of new strategies, which will cooperate with existing methods, in an effort to collectively change the culture we are living in? This study suggests the unfolding of a new, fourth feminist wave, analyses the contribution of the Internet to fourth wave feminism and explores the potential of online activism as a tool to combat misogyny.

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Protic, Serena
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feminism,fourth wave,feminist fourth wave,activism,online activism,internet,gender studies
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3 Ottobre 2019

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