End to End Navigation Process on Android Smartwatches for the Connected Car Industry

Govoni, Federico (2019) End to End Navigation Process on Android Smartwatches for the Connected Car Industry. [Laurea magistrale], Università di Bologna, Corso di Studio in Ingegneria informatica [LM-DM270], Documento full-text non disponibile
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In this thesis we will have a deep immersion in the Connected-Car project of Lamborghini Company. The goal that Lamborghini wants to achieve in this big project is to let Customers to remotely interact with the owned cars (right now just Urus model), providing them many remote services that can be accessed thanks to the usage of a mobile application: Lamborghini Unica. Unica is the only available Customer Portal that keeps the Customer in touch with the mother Company; it is integrated with the Lamborghini CRM, Lamborghini Order System and a CMS, for keep the Customers up to date with news and events. The team that I joined faces the problem of the Connected-Car from the mobile application point of view, taking care about the development and the design of Unica, that must be integrated with many backend systems for the interaction with the cars and for the management of users and contents. Connected-Car provides to the Customers many services through which they can interact with their cars, by the way in this thesis we will focus on the service of the End to End Navigation. End to End Navigation is a navigation service, integrated in both the mobile application and the car, that provides to the Customer a full navigation experience: firstly, it drives the Customer to the Urus; in this step, after the selection of the destination, the Customer can follow the navigation instructions on the mobile device; then, when engine of the car is turned on, the ongoing navigation is automatically caught by the Urus’ infotainment system, which proposes to the Customer to continue it. Finally, when the Customer parks the car, if the destination has not been reached yet, the Customer will receive a push notification on the mobile device, through which he/she can complete the guidance by foot.

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Govoni, Federico
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end-to-end navigation,lamborghini,connected-car,android,android-development,smartwatch,smartwatch-android
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14 Marzo 2019

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