Development of a Kinetic Energy Recovery System for a Rotary Turret Machine

Daoudi, Gabriele Yunes (2018) Development of a Kinetic Energy Recovery System for a Rotary Turret Machine. [Laurea magistrale], Università di Bologna, Corso di Studio in Automation engineering / ingegneria dell’automazione [LM-DM270]
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The scope of the Kinetic Energy Recovering Systems is to store a certain amount of energy during the system’s nominal operation by recovering it from the brakes and reuse it later. The scope of this thesis will be studied the development of such system on an automatic machine. The field of application is known as "Green Automation", that became popular during the last decade. The machine analyzed is a rotary turret one that operates in the beverage automation. Its role is to apply a particular type of cap on the cans to improve the hygiene and the aesthetics. The problem has been tackled by elaborating mathematical models of the physical systems, performing different tests and data logging, applying Parameter Identification Algorithms and finally developing the solution. It has been also performed a brief analysis of the different available technologies to realize the system.The project has been validated performing simulations on the models.

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Tesi di laurea (Laurea magistrale)
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Daoudi, Gabriele Yunes
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Corso di studio
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Kinetic Energy Recovery System,Automatic Machine,KERS,Automatic Control,Automatic Machine Design,Green Automation
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5 Ottobre 2018

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