Sintesi e caratterizzazione di nuovi complessi idrurici di Ru(II) con leganti bidentati (N,O) e (N,N)

Monti, Matteo (2018) Sintesi e caratterizzazione di nuovi complessi idrurici di Ru(II) con leganti bidentati (N,O) e (N,N). [Laurea magistrale], Università di Bologna, Corso di Studio in Chimica industriale [LM-DM270]
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Herein we report the investigations concerning the substitution reactions on the starting dihydride species [Ru(CO)(H)2(PPh3)3] by a class of aromatic bidentate rings containing N-atom as bispyrazolylmethane, phenanthroline, bipyridine or N-heterocycles bearing a pendant auxiliary carboxyl side-arm as picolinic acid or pyrazinoic acid. The purpose resides on finding new polar metal-substrates for studying the opportunity to anchor a nucleobase derivative like the THA (thymine acetic acid) or the HSA (hydroxyl-stearic acid) to test as potential antitumor drugs. As a preliminary exploitation, we synthetized the very stable and inert classes of (N,O) and (N,N) chelate derivatives in reasonable yield and with no by-products or harsh conditions. We spectroscopically studied the stereo-electronic features in solution (ESI-Ms, IR, heteronuclear NMR) and structurally by diffractometric X-ray analysis. In spite of the shown inertness by the formed metal substrates, the MW-induced reactions with the biocompatible carboxylic acids seem to afford the expected di-hapto (k2-O,O)[Ru(CO)PLL’]n [P=PPh3] in the case of both neutral [L=(N,O), L’=THA, n=0] or cationic metal substrates [L= (N,N), L’=THA, n=+1]. More insights are still investigated and will be topic of the future perspectives.

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Monti, Matteo
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19 Marzo 2018

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