Edge-to-Cloud Service Migration in Constrained Internet of Things Scenarios

Ghiselli, Nicola (2018) Edge-to-Cloud Service Migration in Constrained Internet of Things Scenarios. [Laurea magistrale], Università di Bologna, Corso di Studio in Ingegneria informatica [LM-DM270], Documento full-text non disponibile
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In this thesis we will treat the Edge-to-Cloud services in the mobile Internet of Things context. Edge-to-Cloud services are services that, up to reach their goals, must run partially on the Cloud and partially on the Edge. This scenario has been chosen for two reasons: it is a very hop-topic nowadays, but these technologies have many treats and weakness to be solved. To refine those problems we considered some Edge-to-Cloud services and so by using some Cloud resources together with other resources, available on the IoT devices. In particular, to use Edge-to-Cloud services, we will move some resources from the Cloud to the device and so, Edge-to-Cloud service can also help the developer to make the deployment of his applications and this is an important feature in the IoT context. In this work our intent will be to make a support system for the developers and for the applications that helps to handle all the application life-cycle, offering a solution that will behave as a Middleware and so that is able to offer some service to the final applications in an almost transparent way. Between al the possible services, we focused our attention in the Migration services and so those services that allow to migrate the requests or application components. To do that we decided to split the applications in components, giving the possibility to the support system on the device to intercept the communication messages between the components. After having intercepted a message, the support system must autonomously take a decision for the application and it must decide if use a Cloud or a local resource to complete the task. Moreover, in most cases, this scenario is a constrained scenario, where the constrain are given by the application requirements. Up to offer a support system that will be more general as possible, we will introduce some user policies, by which the user will give some guidelines to the Edge-to-Cloud support system behavior.

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Ghiselli, Nicola
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Internet of Things,Edge Computing,Middleware,Mobile Systems,Migration
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15 Marzo 2018

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