Big Data Analytics and Application Deployment on Cloud Infrastructure

Talevi, Iacopo (2017) Big Data Analytics and Application Deployment on Cloud Infrastructure. [Laurea], Università di Bologna, Corso di Studio in Informatica [L-DM270]
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This dissertation describes a project began in October 2016. It was born from the collaboration between Mr.Alessandro Bandini and me, and has been developed under the supervision of professor Gianluigi Zavattaro. The main objective was to study, and in particular to experiment with, the cloud computing in general and its potentiality in the data elaboration field. Cloud computing is a utility-oriented and Internet-centric way of delivering IT services on demand. The first chapter is a theoretical introduction on cloud computing, analyzing the main aspects, the keywords, and the technologies behind clouds, as well as the reasons for the success of this technology and its problems. After the introduction section, I will briefly describe the three main cloud platforms in the market. During this project we developed a simple Social Network. Consequently in the third chapter I will analyze the social network development, with the initial solution realized through Amazon Web Services and the steps we took to obtain the final version using Google Cloud Platform with its charateristics. To conclude, the last section is specific for the data elaboration and contains a initial theoretical part that describes MapReduce and Hadoop followed by a description of our analysis. We used Google App Engine to execute these elaborations on a large dataset. I will explain the basic idea, the code and the problems encountered.

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Talevi, Iacopo
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Cloud,Cloud Computing,Cloud Platforms,Application Deployment on Cloud Infrastructure,practical project,Amazon Web Services (AWS),Google Cloud Platform,Big-Data Analytics,Data Elaboration,MapReduce,Hadoop,Google App Engine (GAE),AppEnigne MapReduce library,Social Network User Ranking,Movie Ranking
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11 Ottobre 2017

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