Studies of CMS data access patterns with machine learning techniques

De Luca, Silvia (2016) Studies of CMS data access patterns with machine learning techniques. [Laurea], Università di Bologna, Corso di Studio in Fisica [L-DM270]
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This thesis presents a study of the Grid data access patterns in distributed analysis in the CMS experiment at the LHC accelerator. This study ranges from the deep analysis of the historical patterns of access to the most relevant data types in CMS, to the exploitation of a supervised Machine Learning classification system to set-up a machinery able to eventually predict future data access patterns - i.e. the so-called dataset “popularity” of the CMS datasets on the Grid - with focus on specific data types. All the CMS workflows run on the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid (WCG) computing centers (Tiers), and in particular the distributed analysis systems sustains hundreds of users and applications submitted every day. These applications (or “jobs”) access different data types hosted on disk storage systems at a large set of WLCG Tiers. The detailed study of how this data is accessed, in terms of data types, hosting Tiers, and different time periods, allows to gain precious insight on storage occupancy over time and different access patterns, and ultimately to extract suggested actions based on this information (e.g. targetted disk clean-up and/or data replication). In this sense, the application of Machine Learning techniques allows to learn from past data and to gain predictability potential for the future CMS data access patterns. Chapter 1 provides an introduction to High Energy Physics at the LHC. Chapter 2 describes the CMS Computing Model, with special focus on the data management sector, also discussing the concept of dataset popularity. Chapter 3 describes the study of CMS data access patterns with different depth levels. Chapter 4 offers a brief introduction to basic machine learning concepts and gives an introduction to its application in CMS and discuss the results obtained by using this approach in the context of this thesis.

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Tesi di laurea (Laurea)
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De Luca, Silvia
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Corso di studio
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LHC,CMS,Grid Computing,Data management,Data access,Machine Learning
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28 Ottobre 2016

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