Chemical Loop Reforming dell'etanolo: studio della reattività di ferriti modificate

Bazzo, Cristian (2016) Chemical Loop Reforming dell'etanolo: studio della reattività di ferriti modificate. [Laurea magistrale], Università di Bologna, Corso di Studio in Chimica industriale [LM-DM270]
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Modified ferrites with a generic formula of MFe2O4 (where M=Co, Cu, Mn and their combination: Cu/Co, Cu/Mn and Co/Mn) were studied as potentially attractive ionic oxygen and electron carrier materials for the production of “clean H2” via the Chemical Loop Reforming (CLR) of bio-ethanol. The conventional CLR process consists of 2 steps: 1st - the reduction step with ethanol; 2nd - the re-oxidation step with water. The synthesized materials were tested in a laboratory plant in terms of both redox properties and catalytic activity to generate hydrogen during the re-oxidation step with water steam over previously pre-reduced samples. The obtained results showed that CuFe2O4, Cu0.5Co0.5Fe2O4, Cu0.5Mn0.5Fe2O4 and CoFe2O4 within 20 min of ethanol reduction reached almost a complete reduction, and, as a consequence, the higher yields to H2 produced during the re-oxidation step with steam. On the other hand, incorporation of Mn-cations greatly affects the redox properties of a resulted spinel (MnFe2O4 and Co0.5Mn0.5Fe2O4) leading to its lower reducibility, caused by the formation of a hardly reducible layer of MnxFeyO oxide. Moreover, the presence of Mn-cations effectively reduces the amount of coke formed during the anaerobic reduction step with ethanol and hence avoids a fast deactivation of the material. Modification of the conventional CLR process with an addition of the 3rd regeneration step (carried out with air) was done in order to increase the stability of the looping material and to overcome the deactivation problems, such as: a coke deposition/accumulation and an incomplete re-oxidation of M0 during the 2nd step.

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Bazzo, Cristian
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produzione idrogeno processo Chemical Loop reforming etanolo ferrospinelli
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10 Ottobre 2016

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