X-ray analysis of local mid-infrared selected Compton-thick AGN candidates

La Caria, Marlis-Madeleine (2016) X-ray analysis of local mid-infrared selected Compton-thick AGN candidates. [Laurea magistrale], Università di Bologna, Corso di Studio in Astrofisica e cosmologia [LM-DM270], Documento full-text non disponibile
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Cosmic X-ray background synthesis models (Gilli 2007) require a significant fraction of obscured AGN, some of which are expected to be heavily obscured (Compton-thick), but the number density of observationally found obscured sources is still an open issue (Vignali 2010, 2014). This thesis work takes advantage of recent NuSTAR data and is based on a multiwavelength research approach. Gruppioni et al. 2016 compared the AGN bolometric luminosity, for a sample of local 12 micron Seyfert galaxies, derived from the SED decomposition to the same quantity obtained by the 2-10 keV luminosity (IPAC-NED). A difference up to two orders of magnitude resulted between these quantities for some sources. Thus, the intrinsic X-ray luminosity obtained correcting for the obscuration may be underestimated. In this thesis we have tested this hypothesis by re-analysing the X-ray spectra of three of the sources (UGC05101, NGC1194 and NGC3079), for which observations from NuSTAR and Chandra and/or XMM-Newton were available. This is meant to extend our analysis to energies above 10 keV and thus estimate the AGN column density as reliable as possible. For spectral fitting we made use of both the commonly used XSPEC package and the two very recent MYtorus and BNtorus physical models. The available wide bandpass allowed us to achieve new and more solid insights into the X-ray spectral properties of these sources. The measured absorption column densities are highly suggestive of heavy obscuration. Once corrected the X-ray AGN luminosity for the obscuration estimated through our spectral analysis, we compared the L(X) values in the 2-10 keV band with those derived from the MIR band, by means of the relation by Gandhi, 2009. As expected, the values derived from this relation are in good agreement with those we measured, indicating that the column densities were underestimated in the previous literature works.

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La Caria, Marlis-Madeleine
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AGN,Compton-thick,Seyfert galaxies
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23 Settembre 2016

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