Study of the calibration method of pressure-velocity probes and its application in a field of progressive plane waves

Fimiani, Fosca (2016) Study of the calibration method of pressure-velocity probes and its application in a field of progressive plane waves. [Laurea magistrale], Università di Bologna, Corso di Studio in Fisica [LM-DM270]
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This dissertation presents a calibration procedure for a pressure velocity probe. The dissertation is divided into four main chapters. The first chapter is divided into six main sections. In the firsts two, the wave equation in fluids and the velocity of sound in gases are calculated, the third section contains a general solution of the wave equation in the case of plane acoustic waves. Section four and five report the definition of the acoustic impedance and admittance, and the practical units the sound level is measured with, i.e. the decibel scale. Finally, the last section of the chapter is about the theory linked to the frequency analysis of a sound wave and includes the analysis of sound in bands and the discrete Fourier analysis, with the definition of some important functions. The second chapter describes different reference field calibration procedures that are used to calibrate the P-V probes, between them the progressive plane wave method, which is that has been used in this work. Finally, the last section of the chapter contains a description of the working principles of the two transducers that have been used, with a focus on the velocity one. The third chapter of the dissertation is devoted to the explanation of the calibration set up and the instruments used for the data acquisition and analysis. Since software routines were extremely important, this chapter includes a dedicated section on them and the proprietary routines most used are thoroughly explained. Finally, there is the description of the work that has been done, which is identified with three different phases, where the data acquired and the results obtained are presented. All the graphs and data reported were obtained through the Matlab® routine. As for the last chapter, it briefly presents all the work that has been done as well as an excursus on a new probe and on the way the procedure implemented in this dissertation could be applied in the case of a general field.

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Tesi di laurea (Laurea magistrale)
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Fimiani, Fosca
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Curriculum E: Fisica applicata
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calibration, pressure-velocity probes, calibration method, acoustic, matlab
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22 Luglio 2016

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